Wildsam Field Guides: Yellowstone: Mystery and Marvel


Wildsam Field Guides: Yellowstone explores our first national park and the lands that surround it: a trove of American history and one of the world's most vital natural habitats.

Insight from local experts, guides and scientists reveals profound volcanic forces, America's greatest bison herds, wolfpacks, and a human story stretching back thousands of years. From famed geysers to deep backcountry to lore-steeped Western characters, Wildsam Yellowstone wanders far through the place once called Wonderland.

Discover local stories, natural wonders and historic gems, including:

  • Local intel for Yellowstone backcountry activities, trails, scenic views, geothermal wonders;
  • A 3-day road trip itinerary to experience the best of the park;
  • Hearty breakfast spots and outfitter recs to gear up for exploring;
  • Best base camps for local art, craft brews, homemade pasta, vinyl browsing and quirky memorabilia;
  • Stories from local voices including bison experts, fly fishing guides, astrobiologists, Indigenous historians, park rangers, writers and artists;
  • Scientific surprises behind Grand Prismatic Springs, the park's wolf packs, and Yellowstone's mega volcano;
  • Shamans, summer jobs, misadventures, buffalo soldiers, park architecture & more historical clips; and
  • A legacy excerpt from author Jim Harrison

Contributors include grizzly advocate and literary legend Doug Peacock, volcano expert Wendy Stoval, natural-world guide Ashea Mills, Wyoming memoirist Nina McConigley and wolf biologist Rick McIntyre among others.