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Our membership makes it easy to choose local. With membership, we’re shrinking barriers like price and convenience to make it easier to shop with us instead of a big-box store.

It's all about community.

Our concept of a community hub is fueled by membership. Our members are a group of individuals who’ve stepped towards us and said, “this is my place; you are my people." Join us too?

What members are saying
Membership makes me feel like a member of a book community rather than just a shopper, and the discount is so good it beats or equals Amazon prices for most books I want to buy. It makes it easy to support my local bookstore without feeling like I am making poor financial choices.
— Liz Shults
I adore my LP membership. The incredible coffee, friendly staff, curated books and gifts plus the active and welcoming community. Not to mention the fabulous discount. My sister who lives in NYC couldn’t get over the whole membership program, and I agree. It’s really special.
— Cat Ross
Having an LP Membership is kind of like receiving a reward for engaging in an activity that you really enjoy!
— Elise Diament
As a voracious book reader the Little Professor Membership is a true treasure. No longer do I have to spend weeks rationalizing getting another full priced new book. Whenever I need my next book I get an amazing deal on whatever catches my fancy.
— Matty Williams