LP's Used Book Fair

We're hosting a used book fair on Sunday, April 14th at LP Pepper Place from 1-3 pm!

The Little Professor Used Book Fair is designed to celebrate our community’s love for reading by clearing room on the bookshelves of voracious readers and giving great books a second act :)

Used Book Fair

Join us for a used book fair on April 14th from 1-4 pm at our Pepper Place shop. This free event is open to the public! We will have paperback, hardcover, and kids books available for purchase.

Consignment Info

Customers can bring 10 books into the PEPPER PLACE shop between February 29th-April 13th to be evaluated for the sale. Please plan to spend 15-30 minutes in the shop so one of our booksellers can review your books and let you know which ones we will accept. We will not accept any used books during the Saturday morning Pepper Place Farmers Market (8-12).

Please keep in mind that we can only consign books we think will sell at the used book fair. Please respect our booksellers as they decide which books they can accept and remember the intention of this is to have fun and hopefully get a few new books! Please read all the FAQs below before you consign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What books will be accepted?

Books will be reviewed and accepted based on the following criteria:

 - Book is in very good/like-new condition

 - Book is a popular title that has been on the bestseller list, short-list for an award, or is a popular book for our unique store and region 

 - Book is not a reference book, textbook, etc. 

- Very good condition means: no water damage, book jacket in good condition, no writing, no bent pages, hard covers that have book jackets must be included.

How does the consignment work?

The bookseller will decide which books will be accepted for the book fair and keep record of your books. Any books that are sold during the fair earn the consignor store credit.

Sold adult paperback books receive $2.50 in store credit & sold adult hard cover books receive $5 in store credit.

Are you accepting kids books?

We would love to have kids books included in the sale, but any kids books will be donated and resold for $1-$3 based on condition and book type. These books still need to meet condition requirements and are accepted at the discretion of the bookseller.

Who can consign books?

Anyone! We are accepting a limited number of books due to space, so we encourage you to bring your books in sooner than later!

When will I get my store credit?

All consignors who had books sell will receive their store credit one week after the book fair.

What happens to my unsold books?

All unsold books will be donated.

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