Small Is Beautiful: Economics as If People Mattered


Staff Pick!

"If you happened to catch my podcast with Birmingham native Carrie Rollwagen, you know that I’m particularly interested in how physical spaces create community and vibrancy in our neighborhoods. As such, I knew I’d love this book when I saw it categorized as a “landmark statement against bigger is better industrialism.” Though it was originally published in 1973, it remains especially pertinent in our COVID era, as small & local has become more important than ever. If you need just one more push over the edge, Newsweek has named it one of its 100 most influential books." -- Jonathan



Small Is Beautiful is Oxford-trained economist E. F. Schumacher's classic call for the end of excessive consumption. Schumacher inspired such movements as "Buy Locally" and "Fair Trade," while voicing strong opposition to "casino capitalism" and wasteful corporate behemoths. Named one of the Times Literary Supplement's 100 Most Influential Books Since World War II, Small Is Beautiful presents eminently logical arguments for building our economies around the needs of communities, not corporations.

--Time magazine