2000 Years of World History BCE: The history of human civilization from dawn until the current era told in one breath, unrestricted by national bounda


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Human societies began as settlements. They then grew into civilizations and mighty empires. How did it all happen? Companion volume to the highly acclaimed 2000 Years of World History, 2000 Years of World History BCE is the first book to give a comprehensive account of the process. We learn of the when, who, what, why, and how the development came about.

This book is about the coming of age of the human race. It traces how people rose from obscurity against all odds and thrived. Beginning from antiquity, people had to confront myriads of adversities. The climate. Food supply. Predators. Enemies. Brothers. Sisters. And sons.

Then people found strength in numbers. Settlements and communities were organized. Eventually they grew into nations, and civilizations evolved.

This account is about the human spirit and ingenuity. Driven by aspiration, will, and, yes, greed and ambition, our forefathers and foremothers persevered and achieved. The records and recollections of their deeds, noble and vile, formed history. Many invented writing, and they recorded it.

Human beings have existed on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, and longer if we include the primitive species from which they evolved. However, we know little of their activities. The violence of nature has obliterated much of their traces. However, as it got closer to our own time, we know more. We know they probably faced extinction but emerged victorious. Then they endured the hardship and flourished. They multiplied and formed societies. With prolonged isolation, they produced ethnicities, with their unique customs, habits and beliefs. These became cultures and civilizations.

For the security and betterment of all, social structure appeared, and we had countries and nations. They became powerful.

With might in hand, greed and vanity set in. Taking from neighbors proved more convenient than working for one's gain. Conflicts and warfare ensued. Yes, history is as much about carnage and subjugation as farming and herding sheep.

In this book we follow the rise of human societies and civilizations. We follow what our ancestors did, and learn lessons from them. Most important, we relish in their exploits.

Such is the story of our forebear; their history, our history, and what a delightful read, surpassing even the highly acclaimed, popular sister volume, 2000 Years of World History. Yes, read about the Indo-Europeans and the Tocharoi, be up on the Aryans and the Shang, be awed by the Han and Roman Empires, and be impressed by the Chinese and Greek cultures. Relive in the adventures of Alexander the Great and the cunning of Liu Bang. Admire the achievements of Cyrus the Great and the First Emperor of Qin.

More than an evening's enchantment awaits you.