Apocrypha for Beginners: A Guide to Understanding and Exploring Scriptures Beyond the Bible


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Go beyond the Bible with this simple introduction to apocrypha

Whether they were lost, cut, or censored, the various apocryphal stories offer unique opportunities to learn about the histories of Judaism and Christianity while broadening spiritual understanding. But exploring this vast canon of texts alone can be daunting. Apocrypha for Beginners makes it simple by offering a guided experience, helping explain each piece's importance and contextualize its place in history.

This standout among religious books includes:

  • More than 50 apocrypha-Delve into a variety of apocrypha from different eras and cultures, like the Book of Enoch, the Gospel of Judas, and more.
  • In-depth commentary-Better understand each text with a brief summary of its origin, meaning, and cultural significance.
  • Easy-to-follow info-Explore the history of Judaism and Christianity with the help of a detailed timeline, canon comparison chart, and index of important individuals.

Take your Bible study to the next level with Apocrypha for Beginners.