Codependency: Be Codependent No More Learing How To Recognize a Toxic Relationship To Avoid Jealousy And Possessiveness


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Are you the victim of a codependent relationship? Have you already desperately tried to find a way out, without success?

Believe me; you are not alone.

If you've even been too worried to speak up with your own wants, needs, or preferences in a relationship because you think your partner will not like it and leave you, that's a huge red flag. Codependency is essentially about needing to be needed and not feeling like you can really express your relationship needs.

Here's some of the information included in the book:

- Signs that denote codependency

- Defining a codependent relationship

- How codependency develops

- The steps towards recovery

- Codependency in a marriage relationship

- How to recognize the early signs of codependency

- Building strong relationships with the right amount of autonomy

- Difference between a normal and codependent relationship

- Loving yourself and giving your needs the priority

- How to achieve self-esteem and get rid of codependency

The relationships we are in can never be better than the relationships we have with ourselves. When you remove the need, fear, obsession, and desperation, you open up the way for love and affection just for its own sake.

It's time to start saying "NO" and set some boundaries.