Codependency: the recovery plan. Be co-dependent no more & defend yourself from narcissistic & emotional gaslighting abuse. Heal fro


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Does your sense of purpose involve making extreme sacrifices to satisfy your partner's needs? Do you believe that your relationship is the key to your happiness and at the same time you feel trapped in it?

Children who grow up with unavailable parents take the role of enablers. Children that live such a reality at home put their parents' needs first and as a result, they learn to repress their own emotions and needs to focus on the needs of their unreliable parents.

When the children become adults they tend to repeat the same dynamic in their adult relationships, becoming codependent.

People are indicated as codependent when they enable another person's addiction, irresponsibility, under-achievement or poor mental health and it can be found between family members, friends and in romantic relationships.

Do you suspect that you're codependent and living in a dysfunctional relationship?

Reading this book, you will discover:

  • The childhood patterns that can cause codependent tendencies in adults.
  • The most common signs of codependent relationships.
  • The link between addictions and codependency
  • The personality disorder that is often attributed to individuals that are in codependent relationships - and that is also frequently not recognised and wrongly handled!
  • The different types of Codependent Behaviour
  • The right way to detach from Codependent Influences
  • The plan to recover and heal from codependency
  • The foundations to cultivate self-love and build confidence

Even if you struggle to think that things can change, this book will prove you that you can do it too!