Codependent Relationships: Why You NEED To Say "NO MORE" To Codependency and Cure Yourself RIGHT NOW and How You Can STOP Controlling Others. Pra


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Do you feel codependent in your relationships? If you want to say "NO MORE" to codependency, then keep reading...

While in those relationships, have you felt like you lost yourself while trying to help your partner find themselves? Well, those relationships might have been codependent relationships and unfortunately, you taking care of your partner might have enabled them to treat you badly.

Maybe you know someone who always tries to 'heal' someone. They might find these problematic people, get into a relationship with them because they think they can 'save' that person without thinking about whether they want to be saved or not.

Any chance that person had a problematic family dynamic? Maybe their dad was an alcoholic or their mom used to abuse them? When children learn to take care of others at an age when they should have been taken care of, they become 'givers' and look for people who show signs of dysfunction to become their 'takers'. Codependency is most common with people who were a part of a dysfunctional family.

In this book, we will discuss:

  • The reasons behind codependency
  • Identifying codependent behavior
  • How codependency hurts relationships
  • Why codependency is bad for a person's mental health
  • How codependency can become a cycle that gets passed down to different generations.
  • How these cycles can be stopped
  • Ways of developing a healthier relationship with your partner

If you are worried about a loved one being codependent and want to help or you think that you might be showing signs of codependency and would like to understand it better, this book will be the answer to your questions. Step by step, you will understand codependency, how can a person become codependent, what the signs of codependency are, and how to overcome it.

Codependent behaviors can affect a person's life in more negative ways than they might know. When untreated, codependency can lead to major problems including drug addiction, alcoholism, and personality disorders. While everyone shows codependent behaviors from time to time, a person who developed codependency while growing up can find it the hardest to overcome.

However, there is no codependent behavior that can't be fixed by practicing self-love and an increased level of self-esteem. Every codependent person has that strength in them to overcome their behavior. All they need to do is come to terms with their destructive behavior, accept the fact that they have to change if they want to be happy, and work towards overcoming their codependency.

When your codependency is a thing of the past, you can start building a healthier relationship with yourself and also your partner. So, if you are ready to learn about how codependency might be hurting your self-esteem and ready to actively work towards saying NO MORE to toxic relationships, get ready to cure yourself, one chapter at a time.