COMPASS Playbook: A Practical Guide to Creating Breakthrough Success


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The COMPASS Playbook is a fun, self-paced guide that uses the creative processes of drawing, writing and visualization to help the reader attain their deepest desires. The COMPASS Playbook has 52 Plays, or creative processes, that allow the reader to clarify, develop and focus on what's most important to them. The magic behind COMPASS is ignited by the reader. Their unique ideas unfold through the Playbook's thought-provoking creative processes and bring about the breakthrough success they've been looking for. It's up to the reader what they get out of COMPASS. The reader discovers, defines, and designs their aspirations using the Playbook. People who have used the COMPASS framework have experienced: - Breakthroughs in achieving their most important aspirations - More joy and inner peace - A more satisfying journey to their aspiration - Pleasant, unexpected insights - Improved relationships and deeper compassion - Increased trust in life and the natural process of creativity The COMPASS Playbook is meant to be personalized with drawings and doodles and writing that the reader creates themselves.