Day of the Dead: The Autumn of Comissario Ricciardi


The fourth Commissario Ricciardi historical mystery--following Everyone in Their Place--is "a superb novel for fans of Italian noir" (Library Journal, starred review).

Commissario Ricciardi has visions. He sees and hears the final moments in the lives of those who have suffered violent deaths. It may be a talent or it may be a curse, but it has helped him become one of the most successful homicide detectives in the Naples police force. It's a rainy autumn in 1930s Naples as its inhabitants celebrate the week of the dead. Ricciardi's instincts tell him that the death of a street urchin is actually murder, but investigating the homicide is not going to be easy. The authorities want to avoid any sign that things are not as they ought to be in Naples, for they are preparing for the state visit of Benito Mussolini. Ricciardi will have to conduct his investigation hidden from the eyes of his superiors. What's worse, his sixth sense is no help to him this time; the scene of the crime is silent, still, not a word or a sign, or even a scream from the dead. Has his unwelcome gift finally faded? Or is something more sinister at work?

"De Giovanni's slashing wit cuts deeply into his cameo portraits of the high and mighty, even as his elegant style ennobles the wretched lives he views with such compassion."--The New York Times Book Review

"De Giovanni is a masterful plotter and sub-plotter; it's a joy to ease into his complete command of his craft . . . These are murder mysteries raised to a brilliant level."--Open Letters Monthly