Detransition, Baby


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"This emotionally devastating, culturally specific, endlessly intelligent novel is . . . really, really funny."--Austostraddle, "Peters's soap opera-meets-modern-cultural-analysis is witty, emotional, and eye-opening."--People, "'Whip-smart' is just one of the many flattering adjectives and fawning superlatives people are going to overuse for this wise book by a glamorous, fascinating woman, and who can blame them? Its incisive exploration of chasers, divorce, trauma, queer parenting, and detransition itself is going to play a role in defining the literature of 2021 and beyond."--The Millions, "Detransition, Baby's warmth and wit feel both familiar and utterly new: a tale of love, loss, and self-discovery as singular as it is universal, and all the sweeter for it."--Entertainment Weekly

"This conversation-shifting, taboo-busting novel . . . should be on your reading list. It's an exuberant novel of ideas, desire and life's messy ironies."--Evening Standard, "I love Detransition, Baby for its wit, its irreverence. And I love it even more for its reverence--its reverence for the quest for womanhood, motherhood, selfhood. Torrey Peters evokes these characters with such fullness and compassion that they felt like dear friends to me. This is an important book, and I couldn't put it down."--Helen Phillips, author of The Need