Dominus Dei: A Thriller


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"New York Times" bestselling author Thomas Greanias delivers his "magnum opus, "at last""revealing the ancient origins of the centuries-old conspiracy behind his blockbuster Atlantis novels and his latest adventure trilogy that began with "The Promised War" and "The 34th Degree." ""

A brazen assassination strikes at the heart of Caesar's court and rocks ancient Rome with revelations of a secret insurgency that calls itself Dominus Dei--the "Rule of God." The ruthless Emperor Domitian responds in kind by proclaiming himself "dominus et deus"--"Lord and God," ruler of heaven and earth. Anyone who refuses to bow before him is executed in the so-called Games.

Dragged into the war is Athanasius of Athens. The subversive Greek playwright is wrongly accused of being the Dei's mastermind and is sentenced to execution in the arena. But in a twist of fate, he escapes with a secret that could shake the world. Now Athanasius is forced to survive a game of real-world bloodsport that makes the gore of the gladiators pale by comparison.

One by one he follows the links of a deadly chain to the center of a global conspiracy to extend the rule of Rome forever. Nobody but Athanasius, a mysterious young woman in an underground city, and an apocalyptic apostle on an island prison. The only three who can save the world from Dominus Dei.