Fairy Dogmother


Cinder the dog, a canine resident at Woofington's Dog Rescue, is visited by his Fairy Dogmother and gets to wish for something that would make him happy. But what is it that would make him the happiest of all?

One day, Cinder, a canine resident at Woofington's Dog Rescue, receives a visit from his Fairy Dogmother! She tells him that he can make a wish for whatever he thinks would make him the happiest. But poor Cinder just doesn't know what to wish for! He asks his friends, and he gets all kinds of suggestions--sausages, a bone, a ball, the ability to climb trees...and on and on! Cinder just can't decide, and time is running out. Then one of the older dogs at the rescue gives Cinder one last suggestion. Could it be exactly what Cinder wants to make him happy?