Fixed.: How to Perfect the Fine Art of Problem Solving


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An art historian and lawyer--who uses art to hone perceptions and build visual intelligence--presents a paradigm-shattering twist on problem solving that helps us find real solutions to everyday dilemmas.

As technology has become essential to our daily lives, our reliance on the internet and our electronic devices has exploded, short-circuiting our brains and weakening the critical skills we need to find solutions to difficult issues. Amy Herman has developed a unique approach to problem solving that uses works of art to revitalize our minds and help us think creatively. She's trained thousands of people from organizations around the world, including the FBI, CIA, Navy SEALs, the IMF, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and the State Department.

In Fixed., Herman outlines her step-by-step approach, providing a fresh set of tools to help us kickstart our critical thinking skills and enable us to find solutions to some of our most intractable problems. Herman explains the artist's use of the creative process and teaches us how to analyze paintings, sculpture, mixed media, photography, and contemporary art. By learning how to look at these works more astutely, we hone our powers of perception and discover deep-seated truths about ourselves that often prevent clear-thinking and optimal decision making. Once we recognize our biases, we can overcome them and see solutions we were previously blind to. Herman's approach doesn't take an art degree--only the willingness to open our eyes and our minds.

Things go wrong all the time. Fixed. offers an innovative and proven way to see problems differently--and craft better solutions for productivity, profit and peace.