Good Dogs with Bad Haircuts


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The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story in this new illustrated series about doggy day care buddies who follow some of their wilder instincts.

There's nothing a Good Dog can't handle!

Lulu, King, and Hugo are thrilled when the day starts with a wonderful surprise: Their favorite human from Good Dogs doggy day care is getting married, and there's going to be a big party!

Before the celebration, though, the Good Dogs face some unwelcome surprises. Besides a few truly terrible haircuts (Lulu might never pose for a picture again!) and puppy training that is not going well, the stressed-out humans are making mistakes that threaten to ruin the wedding. It's up to the Good Dogs to make some daring escapes and bold moves to save the day.

Luckily, these Good Dogs know being good friends is worth some risks. Wait till you hear all about them from Lulu, King, and Hugo!