Guy'd Book: Why we leave the seat up ... and other stuff


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Award winning humorist Norm Cowie is a father, husband, speaker, businessman, ESPN addict ... and a guy. And as a guy, he wonders a lot...and no, not just 'I wonder how she looks naked.'Though he does wonder that.He also wonders other stuff, so he put his thoughts together in a series of essays of what guys are like, what they like and what they think about ... during those rare moments they're thinking, that is. Some of these essays appeared in the Chicago Tribune and Cynic Magazine (including three of Cynic's 'Best Of' issues).His thoughts on Guys: Guys who know how to use tools and, (gasp) read instruction manuals, are not really guys.Guys don't lie ... ever ... and no, it's not a zit on my nose, I was bitten by the rare winter mosquito.Guys watch beer commercials because we really need to know if they were triple-hops brewed, not because there are scantily clad women prancing around.Bald guys are the most macho of the macho, with hormone levels jacking our manliness into the stratosphere. Why cleavage makes us forget ... what was I going to say?And other stuff: Why don't clouds, which weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds, fall on us (hint: they don't want to)Why do we add salt (a kind of rock) to water to soften it.Why do we buy air and water, two of the most common substances on earth.Why do we expect McDonalds and other places to let us use their restrooms ... for free... and we get mad if the restroom is dirty or they run out of Mc-toilet paper, which they give us for free.Norm's previous humor/fantasy books were "The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy," "The Next Adventures of Guy... more wackiness" and "Fang Face," his first young adult vampire/humor book. Reviewers compare them to books by Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore and Dave Barry.