Hearty Book of Veggie Sandwiches: Vegan and Vegetarian Paninis, Wraps, Rolls, and More


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Two truths: Americans are eating more plant-based meals and we love sandwiches--in A Hearty Book of Veggie Sandwiches you'll find forty simple and delicious vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, sauces, and schmears to satisfy your every craving.

Close to fifty percent of Americans eat a sandwich every day which means it's easy to get stuck in a rut. With more of us eating plant-based meals or just eating less meat, you can up your sandwich game with tempting vegan and vegetarian fillings that are paired with a variety of breads and other essentials (like something with a bit of crunch) to excite your taste buds. You'll find open-faced crostini, bruschetta, and tartine recipes, along with burritos, paninis, and wraps. Chapters include grilled, stacked, and stuffed sandwiches as well as classic favorites. Recipes are flexible as most of the vegetarian fillings include vegan substitutions. There's also a section devoted to making your own sides like cashew ricotta, quick pickles, and homemade tapenade.

Plant-based sandwiches are fresh, tasty, filling, and easy to prepare. This book offers delicious recipes with easy to find ingredients that won't break the bank. Whether your diet is entirely plant-based or you just need a break from heavier fare, you'll find something to tickle your palate.

A taste of what's included:
- The Elevated Grilled Cheese
- Avocado and Grapefruit Tartine with Pickled Onions
- Roasted Fennel with Gorgonzola, Apricot Jam, and Pistachios Panini
- Toasted Cheesy Egg Salad
- Roasted Eggplant with Mint and Honey Crostini
- Black-Eyed Pea Sloppy Joes
- Pulled Barbecue Jackfruit Sandwich
- Eggplant Muffuletta
- Curried Red Lentil and Mango Salsa Burritos