High Divide


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"The High Divide is a vivid reminder of why we read, and why we want to."*

In 1886, Gretta Pope wakes up one morning to discover that her husband is gone. Ulysses Pope has left his family behind on the far edge of Minnesota's western prairie, with only a brief note and no explanation for why he left or where he's heading. It doesn't take long for Gretta's young sons, Eli and Danny, to set off after him, leaving Gretta no choice but to search out the boys and their father and bring them all home.

Enger's breathtaking portrait of the vast plains landscape is matched by the rich expanse of the story's emotional terrain, in which pivotal historical events coincide with the intimate story of a family's sacrifice and devotion.

"A deeply moving, gripping novel about one man's quest for redemption and his family's determination to learn the truth . . . Layered with meaning, this remarkable novel deserves to be read more than once. The High Divide proves Enger's chops as a masterful storyteller." --Ann Weisgarber, author of The Promise

"Blends adventure, two boys coming of age and an exploration of trust in marriage . . . The story captures the splendor of the 19th-century West." --St. Paul Pioneer Press

"A compelling story of a house divided, of a man's haunting pursuit of forgiveness, and a family's search for the husband they thought they knew--but never really did." --*True West Magazine

"A captivating story . . . Once you start turning the pages, there's no setting the book down." --The Denver Post

"Enger's novel is told in beautifully exact, liquid language . . . Highly recommended." --Library Journal, starred review