Hummingbird Handbook: Everything You Need to Know about These Fascinating Birds


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Hummingbirds inspire an unmistakable sense of devotion and awe among bird lovers. Gardeners, too, love the company of hummingbirds, not only for their beauty, but also for their role as pollinators.

The Hummingbird Handbook satisfies both bird lovers and gardeners alike with a colorful, generously illustrated package brimming with practical advice, important ecological information, and hundreds of stunning photos. John Shewey empowers you to attract hummingbirds to your own backyard by identifying the best bird feeders and the most effective techniques for enticing hungry hummers. Additional information includes details on planting and landscaping for hummingbirds and an identification guide to species found in North America.

The Hummingbird Handbook is the complete guide to attracting, understanding, and protecting hummingbirds.