Looking for Llamas: A Seek-And-Find Adventure

By Buzzpop

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Search for some quirky, globe-trotting, g-llama-rous llamas and their cacti buddies in this hilarious seek-and-find adventure!

Follow six curious llamas as they trot off to see the world, playing hide and seek at each new location. Kendrick Llama, No Probllama, and their other llama friends journey to the Bahamas, strut their stuff at a fashion show, kick up their hooves at a hipster festival, and more!

Seek and find the six curious llamas and their six cacti friends in each busy scene. Full of jam-packed scenes, fun artwork, cool locations, quirky characters, and llama puns galore, this book will appeal to girls, boys, trendy teens, and young-at-heart adults.