Lucy Fell Down the Mountain


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*A Today Show Gift Guide Pick!*

Lucy is having a terrible day. She's falling down a mountain. As she passes various characters--a mountain man, a bungeeing duck, and a pile of shuffling bears--she tries to ask for help. But everyone misinterprets her requests. As Lucy gains velocity, the story grows in silliness. Ending eventually in a giant, rolling snowball that lands Lucy safely at a hot-chocolate chalet. No harm done!

With a perfect blend of Looney Tunes-style comedy and breezy short text from Kevin Cornell, Lucy Fell Down the Mountain offers a simple solution to bad days: Just roll with it!

In the tradition of When Sophie Gets Angry and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible . . . Very Bad Day, Lucy's ability to face the day head-on--and then move on--will prove itself a new classic.