My Brother Came Early: A Coloring Book for a Kid with a Premature Baby Brother


"I bought this for my little girl to help her understand why her little sister would stay in the hospital. Very helpful. A great book." -Vanessa, Amazon Customer

It's exciting when a new baby joins the family, but if the baby has to stay in the hospital, it can be frightening. Coloring books, My Brother Came Early and/or My Sister Came Early can help.

  • Explains why the baby has to stay in the hospital for now.
  • Describes the NICU machines as helpers and explains what they do.
  • Emphasizes a positive relationship between the child and baby.
  • Beautiful, simple pictures appropriate for young children.
  • Easy to understand, rhyming language.
Order now and help calm you child's fears so they can have a positive experience meeting the new baby.