My Quilts and Me: The Diary of an American Quilter


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"Nora Ezell is a great storyteller. She takes bits and pieces of cloth and imposes upon them an ingeniously creative imagination, producing a pictorial story of great power, emotion, and beauty." --Jim Sokol, collector "Mrs. Ezell's quilts demand to be noticed. They dazzle, they play with abstraction, symmetry, and sculptural balance. They are meant to be displayed, exhibited, heralded, and paraded." --Henry Willett, Director, Alabama Center for Traditional Culture "These quilts are delightful examples of a tradition that places ingenuity alongside practicality, which values imagination along with the work ethic, and which reflects the human capacity for seeing beauty in every task well done." -- James Nelson, Art Critic, Birmingham News

About the Author

Nora McKeown Ezell was named a 1992 National Heritage Fellow in the National Endowment for the Arts program that recognizes individuals who carry on folk traditions in the United States. She received the Alabama Folk Heritage Award in 1990, the state's highest honor for achievement in the traditional arts. Her work has been the subject of a number of one-woman shows, and she has exhibited at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City.