My Reading Life: What I Read, How It Felt, and What I Thought


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Bring mindfulness and intentionality to your reading life with this charming guided journal.

Express yourself--write down how you feel about the books you read!

If you love books, and you want to do more than just make a list of the books you've read, this journal is a perfect opportunity for you to be more mindful about your reading!

Thoughtful prompts invite readers to:

- record what makes each book uniquely meaningful to you
- think about which books you'd like to share with whom--and why
- note the lines that moved you most or the life lessons you learned from reading a particular book
- list which books you'd consider worthy of a re-read (or not!)
- have some fun with your reading life, including deciding which authors you'd most like to meet for coffee, drinks, or dinner
- jot down your genre favorites
- write down your thoughts on the cover
- take a mindful approach to reading, so you can really connect with each book you read

With its elegant hardcover design and stunning copper foil cover, a variety of stimulating prompts, and plenty of space for note-keeping, My Reading Life is a unique, personal keepsake for any reader and a perfect gift for anyone who loves reading!