Pass with Flying Colours - Vital Preparations for Aviation Students: Learn Simple Strategies To Save Money & Time On Flight School & Training For Your


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You may have told yourself you will one day get your pilot's license. With this book, you can make your dreams a reality!

Sensei Paul David is both a private pilot and author. Learn from his experiences in flight school as he shares his best advice -- the things that he wishes someone would have told him in flight school.

He wrote this book to help make it easier for others to complete their flight school training with the best results possible.

In this book, Sensei Paul David shares tips to improve the safety, ease, cost-effectiveness, and enjoyment of the flight school experience. He provides an overview of the essentials needed to help any new flight student make the most of their experience. With the insights gleaned from this book, students can plan and organize the best, most cost-effective strategy to obtain their private pilots' license safely and easily. Readers will learn about the steps needed to become a pilot in both the United States and Canada.

Maximize your flight school experience with Sensei Paul David's best advice and tips. Learn about the written exams, financial considerations, required equipment, how to choose an instructor, the best aircraft for your training, and best practices for pilot school.

With this expert advice, you will pass your flight school experience with flying colours!