Primary Language Impairments in Children


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Primary language impairments have major consequences for a child's educational and social development, including literacy, and were a key focus in the Bercow review of services to children with speech, language and communication needs. This evidence-based text focuses on how best to help children - from early years to adolescence - with these difficulties.

Building on important recent developments in theory, assessment and intervention, the book incorporates cutting edge findings and formulates new approaches to primary language impairment. It offers an overview of approaches to aetiology, identification and intervention with children with primary language impairments before going on to:

  • explore the relevant domains of language and language processing
  • look at development trajectories in language impairment
  • outline different approaches to assessment
  • discuss models of service delivery and intervention.

Primary Language Impairments in Children is designed for students of speech and language therapy and practitioners in the early stages of their careers. It will also be of use to teachers and educational psychologists working with children with language impairments.