Slayer's Prey


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When Jacob Porter was a child, he watched a group of vampires kill his best friend, and he vowed to destroy them all. Now, years later, while on the trail of a demon-possessed murderer, he meets the mysterious Nyla Katt, a gorgeous, violet-eyed huntress who claims to be after the same killer he's hunting.

Jake doesn't play well with others, and has enough on his plate to deal with without the beautiful, sword-wielding hellcat pushing all his buttons while driving him wild with desire. Yet, there's something familiar about the woman that he just can't put his finger on.

Nyla has been Jake's guardian for over half his life, but he only knows her as the black cat he found in the alley the night his friend was killed. She saved his life that night, and now they must work together to keep each other alive and fulfill a destiny planned for them long before either of them were born.

But if Jake realizes the woman he has fallen in love with is not only the cat he's been telling his secrets to for years, but one of the very creatures he hunts relentlessly, he will kill her before their destiny can be fulfilled . . .