Tinysaurs Send Love


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Join the Tinysaurs on an adorable Valentines adventure! The residents of Tinytown haven't received any happy mail on Valentine's Day--so it's up to the Tinysaurs to bring love and joy back into the neighhborhood!

On Valentine's Day, a time when Tinytown should be filled with laughter and love, no one is happy. There are no hearts or flowers to be found anywhere! The Tinysaurs learn that the mail hasn't been delivered, so no one has received their valentines. They decide to try to make everyone happy by sharing balloons, baking a cake, and giving flowers--but they run into all kinds of problems trying to put their plans into action. Then Clawdie comes up with a new idea. Could it work? Adorable artwork and fun rhymes make this book a perfect addition to story time with a special little one on Valentine's Day or any day.