Tort Law (Revised)


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This is the new and completely revised edition of David Howarth's stimulating and original UK textbook on tort, which was the winner of the 1995 Butterworths Textbook prize. Now fully updated to encompass the rapid growth in the law of negligence, and the impact of the UK's Human Rights Act, it remains not only a leading text on the subject but also the ideal book for students approaching the subject for the first time. It offers a complete account of the subject, including topics such as the economic torts and trespass to goods which are not dealt with in all the rival texts. It is also suitable for the more able student because of its willingness to engage with some of the current controversies in tort law, for instance arguing for a novel ordering of negligence (fault, causation, duty). This is a textbook which offers a more complete and intellectually enriching approach than is found in other texts aimed at undergraduates and is made all the more attractive by extensive references to further reading and telling comparisons with the law in other jurisdictions.