Vinton's Camp on Kezar Lake: he story of a well-loved family camp in West Lovell, Maine


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In 1934, Catherine and Bill Vinton came to West Lovell, Maine, searching for a new way of life. A worldly and creative couple, their dream was to build a camp amid the forests and lakes of Maine's western mountains. On a modest scale, it would be like dozens of hunting and fishing camps of the early twentieth century all across northern New England and New York. The Vintons purchased a piece of land on Kezar Lake, an overgrown pasture on a deep cove between two wooded points, where a submerged reef protected a small muddy beach. There they set up a camp, with a main house surrounded by simple sleeping cabins for guests and staff. They raised four children, including John Rudisill Vinton, who memorializes the Vinton camp here. Eight decades later, the Vinton family remains rooted to the property, which continues to forge the character of Catherine and Bill's great-grandchildren, now living around the world. Read and enjoy this memoir of a Maine family's roots wrapping the granite boulders and clinging to the shore of Kezar Lake.