Vulnerability, Disasters and Resilience


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Natural events in one place result in disaster, while the same natural event in another place doesn't. Disasters occur swiftly, and disasters occur slowly.

This book offers readers a global perspective of natural hazard principles, from physical processes and social impacts. It primarily draws on the disaster-prone nation of Ecuador as a lens through which we can better understand disasters - their origins, effects and variances - and how to prevent and respond to these destructive events. It compares and contrasts this case study with other international examples to demonstrates how differential human vulnerabilities are created by culture and values, political systems, and behavioral actions, which either mitigate or exacerbate disaster outcomes. The book explores how we can build more resilient communities and nations, particularly in the face of the cascading effects of disasters, including not only short- and long-term disaster mitigation strategies but also the economic and health impacts.