Why I Tried to Die: A Story of Trauma, Resilience and Restoration


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Come walk with Lisa as she takes you on a journey from death to life. Her testimony of how she was delivered from a life of addiction and trauma will inspire you to seek a deeper relationship with God. Why I Tried to Die will grip you from the beginning through the end. Lisa's courageous transparency throughout the pages of this book reveal the glory of God and His redemptive healing and restorative powers. It is a must- read for all who are currently going through or dealing with trauma from the past. You will not be disappointed.

-MB Busch President, Heartbeat of Heaven Ministries

Lisa invites the reader on a journey. This journey is the story of her life, full of hopelessness, tragedy and trauma. Yet, in the midst of the most difficult and hopeless of moments, she encountered the living God who repositioned her with a hope and a future. No life is beyond the reach of a loving God, and Lisa's story is a great reminder of this truth.

-Pastor Ruth Hendrickson, Ruth Hendrickson Ministries

A riveting page-turner! Lisa's story is one of how heartbreaking trauma kept her world from being safe. But, God had other plans! In the most surprising of places, He set her free. Her trust, resiliency and transformation are a testimony of God's power that speaks profound truth.

-Mary Whitman Ortiz, Founder, Limitless Intimacy

When reading Why I Tried to Die, I instantly was able to connect to the author. Her ability to capture and articulate her story to the reader was simply amazing. As someone who dealt with abuse for many years, I was able to identify with what Lisa described. As an author myself, I understand firsthand how difficult it is to not only keep the reader intrigued, but also create an imagery for the reader to experience. Lisa was able to do that as well. I believe that this book will not only transform lives, but also change the minds and stereotypes that have been in place. The author is an amazing woman, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

-Veronica Dixon Co-Pastor, Elevated Life in Christ Community Church

What comes through for me in Why I Tried to Die is Lisa's amazing courage and resilience. I read her words but cannot fathom how she endured persistent childhood trauma in her home, the shuttling back and forth to foster homes and a different school every year, and exposure at such an early age to drugs, alcohol, sex and sexual abuse. On several occasions, I have had the privilege of hearing Lisa eloquently summarize her life's journey, but the book captures what a ten-minute talk cannot-the depth of the harm she experienced and her battle to overcome the pain and trauma against all odds. Speaking with her before her initial talk, I had no clue that she was so horribly mistreated by too many for so long.

Lisa is truly a remarkable woman. Her work is an inspiration to all who read it that even the most inhuman challenges can be overcome with faith and the love of life as expressed by her devotion to her children.

-Robert K. Reed Executive Deputy Attorney General for Special Initiatives

Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General