You Just Have to Love Me: Mothering Instructions From My Autistic Child


Being the mom of an autistic child of any age is tough. We worry so much about what to DO that we forget the real question is who we parents need to BE on the autism journey. I share the life-changing conversation I had with my nonverbal, autistic child that showed me my true role as his mom and guide. "You just have to love me" is from a direct conversation with my nonverbal son Ethan. Now, I share these insights to help other autism moms step out of painful isolation and into purposeful community. Together, we move heroically through obstacles to plan, advocate and create a hopeful, joyful future for our amazing kids."Heidi is honoring the Mom experience on the autism journey. She is determined to keep Mom strong and nourished, mind and spirit, with all she needs to get her kid's needs met-and not lose herself and her own life in the process. Heidi is packaging all the love, wisdom and compassion she has acquired and now wants to share that support and power with all other moms of autistic kids of any age." PT